Anonymous: could miss megan tell her followers about her relationships? (if that's not too personal uwu)


Are you curious about justin? He’s my boyfriend, and if you see the tag “adventures with justin” it’s because something reminds me of him when I Reblog it.

I met Justin one night at a friends movie night. My closest friend was dating his brother and she told me that Justin thought I was cute. I thought it was sweet of her to say and tell me but I wasn’t sure. Before I knew it, justin sent me a friend request over Facebook and started chatting with me. One night, he asked me to go watch AOT with him and when I went over, we started kissing and I we stopped watching. And that’s how my boyfriend asked me out, with anime and kisses. 😊

Two months later we are happy still and looking to see one another in college.💚

Thanks Anon! 💕

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